Executive Summary

NATIONAL SIGNAGE INDUSTRIAL CO. NSIC is a subsidiary of Arabian contracting services. Business started in 2011 with the Brand name , SIGNWORLD working under Arabian Contracting Services.
Commercial Registration (CR) was obtained in the month of April 2016, with a new name NATIONAL SIGNAGE INDUSTRIAL COMPANY.
Today, Sign world has grown into a specialized manufacturing company in the field of Architecture Signages, including External & Internal, Traffic Signage including Street names, Way Finding, Information Signs, Gantries & Cantilever; Heavy Steel structures for roadside Billboards, LED Screen Display including Outdoor & Indoor and Backlit Billboards & Mupis and many more. It employs 200 plus skilled , technically qualified and trained staff.
SIGNWORLD’S main manufacturing facilities are located in Riyadh. The covered manufacturing facilities in Riyadh measures about 20,000 sqm and houses the largest and most specialized workshops and production line to take care of custom-made jobs.
Various large advertising and signage projects were executed by Signworld for governmental and private sectors in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These projects have earned a high degree of professional credibility and strong reputation for Signworld and made it the obvious choice when it comes to a fair balance between quality, price and delivery.
In addition, Signworld is currently servicing all municipalities in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as far south as Najran and Jezan and as far north as Tabuk and Araar covering all the Western , Central and Eastern regions. As a favour Signworld has been providing technical support to the project engineers in various municipalities,..

Over 8+ years of Experience







Technology and Capabilites

The acquired and utilized technologies and machineries are mostly controlled by sophisticated software and Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) which eliminate the dependency on the human accuracy and consistency. The products offered by Signworld are very sophisticated with high quality. Signworld products are classed as the top-quality durable products with high precision

Our Expertise

In addition to having the state-of-the-art machinery, Signworld employs over 20 qualified engineers in various sections responsible for the design and continuous improvement of the existing products. This is what differentiates Signworld from the competition and makes it number one in the related field. Since its inception, Signworld invested heavily in the research and development to develop new and advanced systems and to provide innovative ideas and solutions for their clients, which contributed tremendously to becoming the market leader.

Signworld's target market is large turnkey projects for corporate clients seeking high quality products, custom made solutions , and high-volume products where specification are clearly set and defined.

Apart from the manufacturing of different signage , Signworld is heavily involved in the forming of sheet metal and the manufacturing of heavy steel structures, Such as super structure 100 x 22.25m , Steel structure for roadside billboards LED, Scroller , Gantries and Cantilevers.

Sign world has invested in the following area of operations to produce the relevant complimentary products and render additional services to the user such us :

  • Engineering and Design
  • Fully automatic vitreous enameling plant on steel
  • Wood working
  • Water—jet cutting on marble and all metals
  • Steel buildings structures’ accessories and cladding

Why choose us

The different products produced under the special activities provide complete workable solutions to client and make Signworld the one stop shop.

The advantage of Signworld over the competitors is the ability to provide comprehensive solutions including design, manufacturing , civil works and installation of all types of traffic control and directional signs including variable message ,electronic LED signs , steel structures, internal & External illuminated signs and traffic signs and beyond.